“Face My Fear”, One Day Trip Climbing Citatah 125, West Java

Everybody have fearness inside theirself. Some are subservient, some are fighting, and many of them be friend with their fear. And what about you?

Last month, Andhika, Egie, Abay and me climbed a cliff in Citatah area. This cliff named Citatah I25 because the high of the cliff is 125 meter climbing from the ground to the top.

We plan to climb this Citatah 125. Egie looked so excited about this trip. Immediately he bought 100 meters static climbing rope 2 weeks before we did climbing. Almost everyday in our spare time we did some exercise like bouldering for our physical training, even though the route that we would climbed later was not so difficult. But it’s important to make a preparation before the climb. (Bouldering is one kind climbing style. Usually people climb up to about 3 m without use a rope.)

We take an hour riding motorcycle from Bandung to Citatah. Arrived there and we found that there was no other climbers as usually. Only four of us. Time to prepare the gear for climbing. We did combinations of traditional and sport climbing style at that time. We brought gears like nut, hex, fren and runner to placed in the rock face to protect us against falling. Even there will be many hanger to put the runner, it was possible climber had to place gear like nut, hex or fren in the rock face.

When we climbed 125 Cliff, we use “pasar” route. We used 4 pitch to reach the top. There was a little surprise when we reach the last pitch before the top. Andhika ask me to lead to the top. It’s mean that i become the climbing leader from the last pitch to the top. Could i? I asked my self. I told to Andhika that it would be better if Egie or him to be the leader. But i ask my self again. How if i tried first? Maybe it’s not difficult like what i saw. Cause it had been years not climbing as a leader.

It’s the first time i understand my fear. I had climbed about 2 m high from the last bolt. The next bolt was still far and difficult to reach. I tried many times. I made a move again. My arms weakened by fatigue. I could felt my fearness of falling. Already too tired. I made some rest, took a breath deep and tried to think how to face this obstacle. And than i made a deep breath again, slowly and deeper. Finally i could pass the route. I could reach further the rock and made an ascend. Now i know what made me satisfied is when I could face my fear and finish the challenge. More happy.

One interesting part while climbing in this trip was we tried to made a video. Every person use one camera. You can watch the full video below. Enjoy.